Request A Novel

Request A Novel

If you want us to Machine Translate a Faloo novel, it will need to be sponsored.

To request a novel, send the link of the raw you want as well as the number of chapters you want to sponsor to us on our Discord server or to our email ([email protected]) . Depending on the word count, the cost of buying the VIP raws, and then Optical Recognition [OCR] and Translation, we will send you the cost.

After we have determined the price of buying the raws, OCR and translation we will send you a quote. This usually takes a few minutes to a few hours on discord and a day or two via email. You can then send us the amount through Kofi or Paypal (Paypal is usually faster). will then add your novel to the #­čôŁongoing-faloo-request channel where it will be queued for translation. Once we start on your novel, it can take 1-3 days depending on the number of chapters we need to OCR.

After we have completed the project, it will be uploaded on the website, where it will be available to everyone for free.

Thank you for your support.